Everett Improv Logo


e.i. bar & stage

‘Tis the season for sweaters, drinks, and stage stuff!

what we do:

  • improvisational comedy shows
  • stand-up comedy shows
  • comedy open mics
  • spoken word open mics
  • art installations
  • live music
  • classes
  • private parties and events
  • corporate events and workshops
  • school workshops and events

check the event page for the calendar, shows, events, and the details of everything

but here is vague info about some of our consistent stuff:

every friday (with a few exceptions)

.. happy hour 5:30p – 7:30p / bar mode

.. comedy 8p – 9:30p / bar & comedy mode

.. music open mic & empty orchestra 10p – 2a / bar & mic mode

every 3rd thursday (with a few exceptions)

.. art walk 4pm – 11pm / bar & art mode

every 4th tuesday (with a few exceptions)

.. drinks n thinks 7pm – 9pm / bar & class mode

every 1st saturday (with a few exceptions)

.. (starting january 2023) mouth stuff: comedy and spoken word open mic 10p – 1a / bar & stage mode

every 3rd saturday (with a few exceptions)

.. (starting january 2023) beings of culture hip hop showcase 10p – 1a / bar & club mode

don’t forget to go to the events page for the calendar & details

fun fact: we are a bar. if we are open, you can drink w/o seeing a show or taking a class.

consistently presented inquiries:

  • what exactly is everett improv?
    • we are a bar & stage with weekly shows and events open to the public; but we also do diverse educational programming, private parties/events, corporate workshops/events, space rentals, etc.
  • what kind of shows and events do you do?
    • improvisational comedy, stand-up comedy, live music, karaoke, art shows, poetry, open mic, cross-medium collaborations and hybrid events, art walk, and more
  • can you bring/order outside food into the bar and club?
    • yes please. we even have plates and utensils for you. just be dreamy and buy your drinks from us.
  • does the bar stay open after shows?
    • oh yes. you will most likely kick yourself out before we get to it.
  • are shows 21+? 18+? all-ages?
    • all of the above. if the event or show doesn’t list an age, assume it is 18+ with a strict i.d. policy. if the show/event is all-ages, marketing will usually state that clearly.
  • do you have a full bar?
    • kind of. we have a myriad of beers, ciders, spiked adult beverages, and fruit alcohol-based vodka, whiskey, tequila, and rum to make mixed drinks and cocktails.

want more than just our public stuff?

we do the most awesome yet creepily affordable private parties, shows, and space rentals ever.

we also design and facilitate high-level custom corporate and school workshops that are challenging and fun, without being cheesy and inapplicable to daily life.