We should be upfront with you...

We do education a lotta bit different than the other theaters.

Instead of a levels system, we do a potent skills and concept-based system. A more focused class creates a ridiculous amount of different experiences, all concentrated so you can work on the exact skill you want to strengthen. You walk away having truly grasped that concept. It also allows everyone to take almost any class we offer, regardless of experience.

In addition to a different course structure, we also have a more psychological, mindful, philosophical, layered, and emotionally intelligent approach to improv comedy. Does that mean our adult classes are G-rated, sugary, and cheesy? F***k no.

We guarantee that even if you repeat a class or course, it will never feel the same and you will continue to be challenged at your current level of ability, if not slightly above.

If you do not have fun or regret coming to any e.i. experience for any reason, we will gladly issue you a full refund (minus fees).

We also offer a lot of applied-improvisation classes that focus on life skills, as opposed to performance skills.

Any class or course led by the Britney can be taken for free if money is tight. Just email her at

Our bar is open before, during, and after every class. We like loitering.