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Historic Everett Theatre (Venue Partner) – A historic treasure, and the venue of our monthly Exit 192 show since 2018.

Cafe Zippy (Venue Partner) -A gem of an eatery and drinkery, and the venue of our monthly Free Improv Night since 2013. 

Britney Barber (Owner / Instructor / Performer / Writer)

Mike Murphy (Performer / Webmaster)

Max Kraushaar (Graphic Artist)

Jamie Johns (Graphic Artist)

Steve Allen (Visual Artist / Painter)

Dennis Hacker (Painter)

Heather Skillman (Photographer)

Bill and Nancy Dewey (Photographers)

Christina Jordan (Jeweler)

Joanne Conger (Painter)

Duane Kirby Jensen (Artist)

Chris Dunlap (Painter)

Randy Miller (Performer)

Ian Schempp (Performer)

Kate Jaeger (Performer)

Graham Downing (Performer)

Kayla Teel is an improviser, character actor, fundraiser, and podcaster from Seattle, WA. She has a BFA in Acting from Central Connecticut and has been causing a ruckus on stages far and wide since she arrived to the Seattle area in 2013. With a decade of improv under her belt, she knows firsthand the benefits improv can have on people’s everyday lives, and she looks forward to sharing a unique experience with you in this class!